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Опубликовано: 08.05.2017

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Facebook Messenger launches Group Video Chat

Overall, I found using Skype’s video chatting in Facebook as being relatively straightforward, using Windows and Гугл Chrome. I did have to download and install the appropriate software, and starting a conversation with someone who hadn’t installed it yet was slow, but once it was up and running, I found the video quality and speed to be satisfyingly good.

To turn on http://allfacebook.com.ua/news/probuem-novenkij-video-chat-facebook/, if you don’t see a video camera icon in your chat windows, go to Facebook’s Video Calling page. Oddly enough, you can click Get Started, but you aren’t prompted to do the video calling setup until you actually try to initiate a call.

Calling is straightforward enough. You can click the video camera icon in the chat window (as long as your friend is online).

Once you try to start your first call, you will be prompted to do your initial setup. After you click Set Up, a file is downloaded and runs on your computer before you can continue.

Then, if they don’t have it setup, you have to wait for your friend to set up video calling, too.

Of course, both of these steps are one-time things, but they make the first call pretty slow.

If you and your recipient both have video calling set up, a popup window appears when you initiate a call as it rings on the other end.

Once you actually see each other, the call is pretty effortless. For me the quality and speed were excellent, as compared to rougher reports from a few days ago. According to a Facebook Q&A, the video is a direct peer-to-peer connection, so you won’t have to worry about a server overload.

Mousing over your video shows which video camera and microphone are being used, magnifies the video of yourself (at least enough to see if your head is in the picture), and gives you the option to minimize, go full-screen, or end the call. You can also click and drag the video around the screen.

For better or worse, the video takes place in a separate window. It stays in front of any other windows you try to open, unless the video is minimized. This can make multi-tasking, especially with a single monitor, relatively tedious. However, if your main Фокус is your conversation, it works great to be able to do a few things in the background, or just sit back and talk.

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